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On live music

, barely knowing something on the topic "music", yesterday I attended the concert of Paolo Fresu & Uri Caine at Elfo Puccini in Milan. Everything I'm able to do is to express my enthusiasm, that goes like "They played Nature Boy!" or "I got chills.". As it shall be, the concert was mostly music, all the way enjoyable music, thus my ignorance prevents me to write down any kind of critic. Nevertheless I want to indulge on a few things that where part of the concert as well, minor parts.  Mr. Fresu had quick speeches every three or four songs, to introduce, comment or simple entertain us. During one of these occasions he thanked the theater and the audience for believing in such a small project. I hold the duo of Mr. Fresu and Mr. Caine on very high consideration, and because of that I guess I immediately wanted to detect false modesty in those words. But while keep on listening to the music and experiencing the concert itself I had a second thought. Starting from the end, when the concert was over it was clear that a part of the crowd felt like a two hours long concert was too much. As for me, I can't thank more the duo for playing two full hours with enjoyment and enthusiasm. On the other hand, at the beginning of the concert I could not notice that a good part of the audience was around or over 50 years old. Now the bias that jazz is "old" or "boring" may be a truth sometimes, and it also has the right to spread itself all over as common sense. Nevertheless the audience of a concert should be manly composed of persons who know what is that concert about, even just a little. A great part of the jazz music played today is energetic, thrilling, full of ideas and avantgarde. All those adjectives may be applied to the work of Mr. Fresu and Mr. Caine, as well as they are common adjectives for you people, young groups or environments. They may be not the proper adjectives for the crowd of which I was part. If by chance some of these impression of mine are right, Mr. Fresu's words get a brand new meaning, somehow a dreary meaning. It may sound like thanking for not letting all these energy be lost. Frankly speaking, a concert is entertainment as well as social and psychological energy: thought's matter for the brain to elaborate, physical energy through rhythm and melody. No way to avoid this (I think). If all this energy, made of human work, goes lost it is dreary. What shall nourish the Youth if not such energy? Who can assume all of this abundant energy if not the Youth? Many other questions are hidden in these few words, but I feel like I've already said to much.